XANATH CARAZA Silabas de viento/Syllables of Wind

Xánath Caraza Sílabas de viento / Syllables of Wind Introducción / Introduction   by  Carlos  J. 10610769_10152601446098419_9200550754810911362_nAldazábal English translations by Sandra Kingery


$18.00    ISBN: 978-1-939301-78-9    Poetry    Latin American Studies Spanish / English / Nahuatl (Aztec) September 15, 2014 170 pages     6” X 9”     4 illustrations by Adriana Manuela  Xánath Caraza’s second full-length collection of verse, Sílabas de viento / Syllables of Wind, establishes her as a premiere author of both Spanish and English verse. Her global reach is always rooted in her Indigenous American heritage. A native of Xalapa and resident of Kansas City, Caraza gives testimony to the powerful transformative experience of global identity.  See reviews and interview:  Gerardo Cardenas,  “Canto viajero: Sílabas de viento.” Contratiempo (Sept. 2014) Denise Oyuki Castillo, “Sílabas de viento: postales hechas de palabras.” El BeisMan (20 Oct. 2014). Hector Luis Alamo,Review: Sílabas de viento by Xánath Caraza.Gozamas.Com (3 Oct. 2014). Amelia Montes, “Sílabas de Viento/Syllables of Wind: An Interview with Poet Xánath Caraza.La Bloga ( Sept. 28 2014). Listen to the New Letters on the Air reading and interview with Angela Elam

“From Olmeca land to Bilbao, Andalusia, Morocco, Bosnia, and back to the Midwest, Xánath Caraza’s words flow like chants calling us back to the mystery and majesty of our ancient ones who surround us in the physical world.  Her written imagery calls forth a poetic spirit in me that I did not hear before. I am grateful.”  Lara Medina, author of Las Hermanas: Chicana/Latina Religious-Political Activism in the U. S. Catholic Church (Temple University Press)

“Reading these poems means disentangling those mysterious underpinnings, that commitment to culture itself, joined in a universal whole, in which there is an expression of the splendor of the jungle, the healing of the shaman, the sacred animal who we are as well, and a luminous daybreak overcoming death.” Carlos J. Aldazábal, Introducciónxanath.head1

Xánath Caraza teaches at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and presents readings and workshops in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. Her books Conjuro (Mammoth), poems, and Lo que trae la marea / What the Tide Brings (Mouthfeel), short fiction, have won national and international recognition.

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