*Available on Kindle See order information on the pages of these authors.

Caraza, Xánath Conjuro  (English, Spanish, Nahuatl)  $18 This debut collection of poetry xanath-caraza-3explains the complex interactions among Vera Cruz area peoples more immediately than prose. Day of the Dead, butterflies, copal, mangos: all these come to life. Silabas de viente/Syllables of Wind , $18(see Menu authors A to L) and Donde la luz es violeta/Where the Light Is Violet , $18 (2016). 

Field, Greg  Black Heart: Poems, $15. Musical, heart-rending lyrics by a Potawatomi mixed-heritage jazz drummer. Field is multi-talented, a poet’s poet and a musician’s musician.

Glancy, Diane*Now It Is Snowing Inside a Psalm, $12. Short essays are winter devdrivenworldcvr.20percentotions—how to get through hard times. Psalms are a starting point.

Glancy, Diane Stories of the Driven World: Poems  $14 Poetry (2010) collects poems about museums and anthropological workers. Pastiches of field notes, post-colonial comment, native languages, & artifacts make this essential reading.

Glancy, Diane    It Was Then: Diagram of the Elemental   $12 This 2012 collection of verse  and short prose is autobiographical. She describes her Cherokee father’s life in Kansas City and their existence as besieged, poor, and resilient people. The backdrop is the meat-packing plants, where her father worked. This is one of Glancy’s most emotional compositions.

Lajimodiere, Denise   *Bitter Tears  $12    Ojibwe writer and professor Dr. Denise Lajimodiere interviewed boarding school survivors for this chapbook of poetry. 

Milk, Theresa   *Haskell Institute: 19th C. Stories of Survival  $20   This doctoral dissertation by Lakota writer Dr. Theresa Milk tells losses and successes of boarding school students. The nuanced details from obituaries, newspapers, and school records tell, finally, a courageous story of survivance. Each grave in the Haskell cemetery is annotated.

Rodriguez, Linda     Dark Sister $16.  Acclaimed author of award-winning Skeet Bannion Cherokee detective series tells lyrical stories of her and her family’s experience of Cherokee and borderlands western history. She entertains as a storyteller and moves readers to joy and tears.

Schultz, Elizabeth*White-Skin Deer: Hoopa Stories  $12  The 1950s is one of the least documented eras of Native experience. This former Red Cross relief worker spent time with elders, who gave her their stories. She publishes these, with rare photographs, in cooperation with the Hoopa people.

Shuck, Kim, Whose Water  $10. Enrolled Cherokee Kim Shuck writes about a cross-country trip in a long poem that astonishes with its originality and power. Chapbook with color cover of the author’s beadwork.

Tambornino, Pamela    *Maggie’s Story: Teachings of a Cherokee Healer  $14; Hardbk 15  Mammoth’s bestseller: an authentic and funny memoir of a woman learning from her healer grandmother as she grows up in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Two-Rivers, E. Donald Fat Cats, Powwows: Poems, 2nd ed.   $12  The legendary street actor and poet’s last book, now reprinted with a glossary of Ojibwa terms.

Weso, Thomas Pecore *Wisconsin Indigenous News 1865-1930     (Kindle only)     $6 Collected news stories from Shawano, Green Bay, and others give insights biographies, mounds, forest conditions, wildlife, fires, women’s activities, court cases (Hole-in-the-Day) and Indian agents.

Willie, Diane. Sharp Rocks: Short Fiction. $10 chapbook, 24 ppm. Enrolled Navajo author Diane Willie writes about mythic and contemporary women in New Mexico.


  1. Ronald M. Leistra

    I need to get permission to quote the poem “To Teachers” by E. Donald Two Rivers in an article I am writing for possible publication in the journal “Faith and History”. I acquired a copy of it at a conference which cited the Fall issue of “Meeting Ground” the newsletter of the Center for the History of the American Indian, Fall 1996. Have you included this poem in any of his books that you have published? If you can grant permission to quote it or direct to where the copyright might it might be held, I would appreciate it.


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