MEATS, STEPHEN, Prose and Poetry

DARK DOVE DESCENDING: PARABLES, FICTION, & POETRY (2013)    $12, 92 pp. Perfect bound paper. DarkDoveCvr600dpiISBN: 978-0-9837995-5-9. Foreword by William Sheldon. Stephen Meats, master craftsman, presents a stunning, long-awaited collection of short fiction and poetry. His vision creates new myths for the central plains region. He moves gracefully among images and memories, surely defining human dimensions of his geography and of his times. Jo McDougall writes: “Followers of Stephen Meats’ work know to expect a passion for place-Kansas wind and sky; for family, its rewards and terrors; for the surreal in all its audacity and forays into the dark.” See a reading

LOOKING FOR THE PALE EAGLE: Poems, 2nd. edition. Includes introduction by Denise Low, paleEagleCverinterview with Jo McDougall, interview with William Sheldon, correspondence with Greg Kuzma, and an essay, “Letter to a Young Poet.” Perfect bound paper. 978-1-939301-91-8, $12.00 114 pages. Looking for the Pale Eagle is that rare example of a small press poetry book that sold out in a short time and went out of print. This long overdue new edition not only makes Stephen Meats’ poems available in revised and corrected form for a new generation of readers, but also includes new material. As poetry editor of Midwest Quarterly, Meats mentored many poets. This book shows why he is a master of distilled writing in its purest form. Book design by Ann Meats.

Stephen Meats lives in Pittsburg, Kansas. He has served as poetry editor of The Meats.2013Midwest Quarterly since 1985. Meats has published poems, Looking for the Pale Eagle (Woodley 1993). His poems and stories have appeared in numerous journals, including Kansas Quarterly, The Quarterly, Tampa Review, Arete: The Journal of Sport Literature, Hurãkan, Flint Hills Review, and others. He is currently Professor of English at Pittsburg State University.



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