LOW, DENISE, To the Stars Kansas Anthology

 TO THE STARS: KANSAS POETS OF THE AD ASTRA POETRY PROJECT  ISBN 978-0-TotheStarsCvrWeb9800102-7-5. Joint publication of Center for Kansas Studies of Washburn University and Mammoth Publications. Distributed by Mammoth. 110 pp., perfect bound paper, $12.00. Denise Low, 2nd poet laureate of Kansas, revives the British tradition of “Broadsides,” convenient flyers as a way to present poetry. This book collects her Ad Astra Poetry Project broadsides. Each entry presents a biography, poem, and commentary about the poem in concise form, easily accessible for readers. Clear discussion of the poems, free of jargon, makes this ideal for sharing with students and friends. Low selects poems that comment, in some way, on Kansas experience. The online version of these broadsides, originally available to arts organizations, schools, libraries, and newspapers throughout the state, also attract a national following. The 3rd Kansas poet laureate, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, adds discussion questions for those who wish to use this book for classes or other groups. The poets include selected poets with Kansas connections— Gordon Parks, William Stafford, James Tate, Diane Glancy, Albert Goldbarth, Harley Elliott, William Kloefkorn, Jo McDougall, Jonathan Holden, Charles Plymell, Gloria Vando, Ben Lerner, Steven Hind, Linda Rodriguez, and Kevin Young to name a few. The online broadsides are at http://deniselow.blogspot.com

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