Barnes, Barry We Sleep In a Burning House: Poems $10. Lawrence musician and performance poet’s critique of African American experience. 80 pp. 978-0980010206Barry

Caraza, Xánath Conjuro (English, Spanish, Nahuatl), poems with introduction by Fred Arroyo. $18 paper, $24 hardbound. 144 pp.  978-0983799566 (paper) 978-0983799580 (hardbound).

Day, Robert P. We Should Have Come by Water, poems, fine art edition chapbook $20, staple-bound chapbook, $10. Renowned fiction writer and essayist’s only book of poetry.

Dotson, Carrie Memories of 1930s Kansas, prose $5, chapbook of 1930s-1940s Great Plains Kansas scenes

Glancy, Diane *Now It Is Snowing Inside a Psalm, prose $12. Award-winning writer’s reflections on the meanings of the Psalms.

Glancy, Diane Stories of the Driven World: Poems $14. Award-winning writer’s extended critique of ethnologists’ use of Native soft and hard cultures.

Glancy, Diane It Was Then: Diagram of the Elemental, poems $12. Award-winning writer and filmmaker’s Kansas City and area memories of poverty, stockyards, Cherokee father, survival.

Goldberg, Caryn Mirriam Landed: Poems, $12. Collection by 3rd Ks. Poet Laureate

Goldberg, Caryn Mirriam, ed. To the Stars: A Ks. Renga in 150 Voices, $18. Poet laureate project includes nearly 150 poets with ties to Kansas, all poems interlocking in the tradition of a Japanese renga. Ks. Notable Bk.

Holden, Jonathan *Glamour, poems $12 . Responses to art, mathematics, news—by 1st poet laureate of Kansas

Lajimodiere, Denise Bitter Tears, chapbook of Ojibwa boarding school verse, based on survivor interviews, $12. (See “Chapbook” tab)

Low, Denise, ed. To the Stars: Ks. Poets of the Ad Astra Project, $12. Published with Washburn University’s Center for Kansas Studies and distributed by Mammoth, this is the 2nd Ks. poet laureate project. Ks. Notable Bk.

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