DAMARIS B. HILL, \ Vi-zə-bəl \ \ Teks-chərs \ (Visible Textures)

DaMarisCover3.2.15 (3) $10.00, post-paid  Staple-bound paper, 5.5” X 8.5”      Poetry     24 pages     ISBN 978-1-939301-73-4 Cover art and interior illustration by Thomas Pecore Weso     Publication Date: April 1, 2015

PAYPAL     btn_buynow_LGSpecial web rate $9.00, single copies, domestic shipping free. Email mammothpubs@gmail.com and mention this rate for multiple copies.

\ Vi-zə-bəl \ \ Teks-chərs \ (Visible Textures) is a chapbook project of poems that incorporate digital humanities methods in creative expressions. The poems are inspired by GPS technologies. The series contrasts details and physical spaces associated with an 1854 Indian Reservation map of Kansas and a 2013 highway map of Kansas. Some poems detail territories allocated to Indigenous American Nations.

  DaMaris B. Hill has a keen interest in the work of Toni Morrison and theories regarding “rememory”
as a philosophy and aesthetic practice. She is inspired by the anxieties of contemporary picture-5226-1421957972existence that are further complicated by fears that some linear narratives of history fail to be inclusive, stating “I belong to a generation of people who do not fear death but are afraid that we may be forgotten.”  Currently, Dr. DaMaris B. Hill serves the University of Kentucky as an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and African American and Africana Studies.

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